Washington oyster companies put poison in the water again

Who are these people. keep an eye on this site as I will publish all the people I have tried to get answers from that are truthful about the chemicals being poured into the bay. It started with the Governor office and went down also the feds are looking into it.

Willapa bay poisoned again

Well once again the whole country has to ask where their oysters come from so that they make an educated choice for themselves. Look up the chemical imazamox and see if it is what you would ingest. That is the chemical that will be sprayed in Willapa bay. The big oyster growers have applied for another NPDES permit to treat 3,300 acres. Being it is mostly put on the south end of the bay it will wash back and forth for a couple of months at least. In that scenario all of the product from the bay could be exposed and to what end will the big companies and small ones tell us or you? Will the choice be stop harvesting in the season that oysters and clams are at peak? Or will they continue to sell the oysters and clams from the bay to unsuspecting tourists ??? I had suspended harvest from the last poison they sprayed in state waters. Now when ready to start they are spraying all around me again and in good conscience I can not put a consumer in harms way if there is the slightest chance that the product contains this poison. By the way what the hell is it doing in the water anyway. I wonder how the salmon feel ?? I know what it does to crabs . Oh well all I have to worry about is when it evaporates and I am forced to breath it. Oh well who cares but just in case here are the aplicants for the permit tolet poison float and drift in Willapa bay. ( Coast Seafood), ( Heckes Clams,) (Harold Fish and Oyster,) ( Northern Oyster) (Station House Oyster) ( Wiegardt and Sons ) By the way they are Jolly rogers oysters if you look at the store. (Willapa Bay Shellfish) and the big guy that I find hard to believe is( Taylor Shellfish)
The important thing to remember is that these companies have different product labels sometimes. So if you look at the label closely and it does not say Willapa bay it might list a harvest reference from the bay like just out of the blue sand point. As far as I know it is a fictional area. The way I deal with it because of my intricate knowledge is I do not eat anything from Willapa bay. There are way to many old timers that have become allergic to the clams and oysters since they started putting poison into the bay. HMMMM you eat them all your life they spray and now you are having reactions to consuming them. I do know that on web sites it also tell of how after being exposed to these chemicals that cancer can show up 6 years later. I have called every office in the state and hit brick walls.

oysters willapa bay poisoned again google it

google it and see if all the writings come up

poison oysters again

In willapa bay WA. the big oyster farmers have allowed poison to be sprayed on over 400 acres that the tide washes all over and warned no one until the day before. There were private sport fishers and crabbers hauling in there take and eating them at home with possible contamination from poison chemicals. This is always going on in grays harbor and willapa bay to include hood canal and Puget sound. All the testing they do on ocean for acidity does no good when you mix all the poisons from these areas into the ocean on tide out. In a law suite against the state for poison drift the state claimed you could not blame them because willapa bay was a chemical soup. These documents will become public shortly.East cost and mid west diners should know what they are eating from WA.State. Believe it or not the local restaurants in Pacific county continue to sell products from these areas knowing all about the poisonous situation. I guess they figure the tourist will leave and blame it on something else they ate.I always wonder what is more important to these restaurateurs. the almighty $$$$ or peoples health.Read the menus and search for Willapa bay oysters and clams.Then ask yourself what other food do they prepare and with what????

Carrot Bread and Chickens

The chickens seem to be very content in their new patch of earth filled with spring green grass and other goodies to explore.
After eating too many of the scones, it was back to the kitchen, this time to make carrot bread from our sweet delicious carrots.
Roasted some beets from the garden as the guests love them in the Fritatta.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend, and the guests enjoyed clamming.

I ate the scones

Honestly, they were so good…but I froze a few.
Today was the perfect day on the Bay. Guests in house and happy. Weather was perfect. The guys moved the chickens over a few yards to greener pasture.
Perfect ending to the day, was the ocean fog that rose and drifted over us, and then the Bay fog that met it…all is very Brigadoon.

The Sun is Shining on Willapa Bay

Quick, come and see it! Actually, you have all weekend as the weather is supposed to be “Sunny”!

Bernard is planting some wild flower seeds to celebrate.

Reservations are coming in for the upcoming season, so we are looking forward to meeting new guests and greeting returning ones.

Later in the Day

Almost 7:00. We are often asleep or almost by now, if there are not guests. It is raining, but because the groceries are in, I was able to spend the day in the kitchen baking Blueberry, Lemon and Nutmeg scones.
Also, added to my Sourdough Starter, which will be ready in about four more days for some serious first bread making.
The harder it rains, the greener it gets, and the better the garden grows. Soon the rays of summer sunshine will make this a blooming wonderland. Until then, it is dreams under raindrops.

As soon as I finished cleaning out the coolers and freezer in the kitchen, then mopping the floor, the plumber arrived. Three men gathered in the kitchen to observe his performance which consisted of replacing the kitchen sink faucet and handles.
The floor will need to be re-done, but the coolers and freezer should survive.

Before the plumber arrived the guys were happy digging potatoes in the garden to sell at market tomorrow.

Sold three more dozen eggs yesterday so our egg stash is dwindling. Time to have a chat with the girls. They strut around happily and munch on all organic treats. Snails are a big hit, and we pick them off of the wood trellis and throw them into the pen.

Scrub a dub dub

It’s a good thing that this is a rain forest, as Bernard has been power spraying for days and putting a good dent in the water table. The Yurt is looking quite respectable now.

I finished up some adjustments to our web site and have the bookkeeping up to date. Today I did an inventory of the kitchen and made out a grocery list for the next trip to town.

I’m preparing the Sourdough Starter so there will be lots of home made bread and sweet rolls this summer.

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