Local Recreational Activities



Come enjoy the peaceful beauty of Willapa Bay and the north end of the Long Beach Peninsula.

Many recreational activities are available while staying as a guest at the Moby Dick Hotel and Oyster Farm...from winter storm watching to kite flying, birdwatching and beach-walking...all within close reach of the Moby Dick. Learn about our non-chemical methods for raising oysters.

The Moby Dick Hotel is a key landing spot for kayaks and canoes of Washington Water Trails.

We have a Heron rookery right here and it is wonderfull watching them fly by all morning and evening. ,The eagles and hawks and humming birds galore.The best bird watching on the peninsula



Many Activities Are Available

       Nature trails at Fort Canby, Cape Disappointment, North Head Lighthouse, and Willapa Bay Refuge.

Jogging, Walking, and Biking
        28 Miles of hard-packed sand on Long Beach.  Walk along the Boardwalk and enjoy the ocean view.  Plenty of country roads amid trees for the biker.  We have a great guide in our midst that can put you on hikes of beauty and history that are not listed with anyone on the peninsula.

Horseback Riding
        Stables located near the Boardwalk in Long Beach.

        Charter boats available for deep sea fishing in Ilwaco. Fishing available off the jetty.  Surf fishing.  Lake fishing.

 Birdwatching and Nature Photography
       We have the greatest bird show on the beach with our beautiful Spartina grass and woods.  We have wonderful nesting sights and ample photo opportunities which you will find no where else on the peninsula because we have not poisoned our land or the bay with chemicals; thus allowing shore birds,water birds,sea birds and land birds to thrive in our environment.

 Whale Watching in season.

 Kite Flying
        Peninsula beaches are among the best kite flying areas in the world!  Long Beach is home to the Washington State International Kite Festival and the World Kite Museum.

Art Galleries
        Works of acclaimed local artists showcased in galleries open year-round.

       Many historic murals painted on walls of business establishments throughout the Peninsula.

       Heritage Museum at Ilwaco; Chinook Indian artifacts, displays of pioneer fishing, cranberry farming, logging, and the area's natural history.                           
      Fort Canby Interpretive Center:  An excellent display of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; films, panoramic view of the Columbia River bar, Coast Guard display of shipwrecks, and Civil War fortifications.

Fort Columbia Museum: Restoration of turn-of-the-century coastal military installations.

A list of shops available at the Visitor's Bureau in Seaview.