The poison oysters they are not telling you about

Any chef on the longbeach penninsula that serves willapa bay oysters in there restaurant in my humble opinion does not care how selective he is about what they feed there patrons.After thousands of gallons of pesticides were used in the bay and continued use of poison directly on oyster beds for mud shrimp the bay has died.An oyster collects these things .How many people do you know That all of a sudden are allergic to oysters?MAybe its the poisons in them.DUH!I wonder if there are rotten fish being sold just to make a buck.In any case when you eat here on the penninsula make sure you ask where tha oysters come from and then depending on the answer you must ask where the clams come from.Finaly if all come from the bay here you must ask why is this chef so uninformed and wonder about all thier food.When china had lead in the toys we banned the toys.Mind you instead of just not buying them.We had that option. When you poison the water with pesticides and say oh its ok, You at that time do not know if there was drift or if you children will be deformed.

So I say until they tast all product coming from the bay it is not safe to eat

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