Poisoning of oyster in willapa bay causes lawsuit

Fritzi Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Washinton State Department of Agriculture claiming damages that could surpassĀ  1 million dollars.All of this could have been stopped by the actions of the governor when we gave her a petition with 800 names and the request from the Independent shellfish growers of Washington State that has all 327 members in agreement that no pesticides should be allowed in the salt waters of our state.The plea of the people that want safe food was ignored by Gregoire.We now must spend our lives in court to reach truth.The other thing we can do is vote her out. I believe that the best interest and health of the people and the environment are not represented with the current leader of our state and she must be called to task.Also she does not seem to be pursuing Taylor shellfish for the back money owed the state tax payer for illegally using state lands.

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