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AAAAAH oysters in Willapa bay

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The oysters in willapa are really suspect.

Oysters and the posioning of willapa bay

Well having just returned from the international shellfish meeting in Charleston S.C. I was amazed how the growers out there were misinformed about Willapa bay.Even the nature conservancies representatives said they never would support the posion spraying in an estuary.Funny how out here they claim it to be O.K. Unless we are being misled by the papers.I am sure the Chinook Observer would never be part of a cover up.A major restaurant that features oysters in D.C. said that they have a close relationship with the Washington state department of health and they will not sell oysters anymore from our state because they test all of the oysters they buy and there is a problem with ours.It was fun to see Taylor industries exposed for what they are.Robin Downey was supose to be there but for some reason they sent someone else.After The truth was told to honest scientists Taylors boy had to be by himself for most of the party over 2 days.

All the people that met Bill Taylor and said how nice and organic he was all of a sudden knew the truth and his true image was exposed.And all the studies I have done on oysters here that were not used or imlemented here because of closed ears was accepted there and will be implemented through out the world for oyster restoration.Yet here it fell on deaf ignorant ears.