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Willapa Bay Oysters

They are still pouring poisons in the bay that are being filtered by there oysters. I wonder what it means when oyster growers make statements like I dumped it right on my oysters and clams and it never hurt them. I then wonder who they sold them to with out testing them first?I think after all the recent studies that say do not eat the oysters that have been exposed to chemicals because they retain it,  I will wait until the MobyDick oyster farm that does not use poisons in any way start to sell  again. That way at least I will know oysters that are in or on mudflats where chemicals were used are safe. That does not mean that the oysters on mud flats where chemicals were used are safe. I here they do not use chemicals on the east coast.

oysters in Willapa bay

Be sure to ask the people serving or selling you oysters if the company sprays poison to grow there crop.

Also be sure to ask if they supported the killing of the Salmon and Crab by spraying the Spartina instead of mowing it.

A true steward of the bay would not do any of the above