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I would like to say that after our court case hit papers in every state when the A.P. picked up the story that there is a true story and then there is the one that our county wants to use.If you want the truth about the 100,000 pages of discovery that I paid for and you want to know where 24 million dollars went and how private parties were paid and how the poisons destroyed all the natural catch except mine where we are poison free you might understand why Willapa bay has become the most toxic in the U.S. You can throw oysters in a garbage dump and add salt water and they will filter everything and live but would you eat it? That is why I would ask you what would you eat first? An oyster from a dump or an oyster from a place where they are heavily exposed to poison, and eat it,but they still live until you consume what ever is in them?You do wash your vegtables right? How to you clean an oyster that can not get rid of a surfactant.Remember they never tell you it is mostly glyphosate or rodeo or roundup which ever name they hide behind


We at the moby dick oyster farm have won the battle of no pesticides on our property and left the county and Dick sheldon with mud on his face.