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AAA bay Willapa oysters

If you knew what was in the water that the oysters in willapa are retaining while they filter you would not eat them.

Rodeo, roundup and sevin are applied regularly to the so called pristine bay.  Maybe you should check the facts before eating an oyser from Willapa Bay.

Willapa bay is not pristine anymore.

Washington oysters

The only state that allows poisons directly on and by oyster beds.

Why should anyone eat them and feel safe

Willapa bay oysters

I will not eat them because we had them tested and WOW!!!! Who would eat them

willapa Bay oysters

I think that after all the national press we received about the poisons the big industry is pouring into the bay that no one would eat the oysters from willapa bay until the major companies ban the use of the poisons they use that gather in the oysters.