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We took our message on t-shirts to the Washington Toxics Coalition Annual Auction. Our goal here is to demand labeling for anyone who applies for an NPDES permit, allowing them to spray herbicides on water. These permits are free through the Department of Agriculture, but must be paid for otherwise.
“STOP EATING WILLAPA BAY OYSTERS. Thanks to WSDA, WDFW, WA State Dept. of Ecology, the Nature Conservancy, and all members of PCSGA which include: Taylor Shellfish, Northern Oyster, Coast Seafoods, and Seattle Shellfish for aligning themselves with Monsanto in the destruction of Willapa Bay with no regard for its native inhabitants such as: green sturgeon, salmon, Dungeness crab, and all invertebrates that feed the shorebirds.  We were upset with China’s poisoned toys, but don’t demand labeling of shellfish exposed to pesticides such as: Imazapyr, Glyphosate, Carbaryl, and other unknown inert ingredients.”STOP EATING WILLAPA BAY OYSTERS. group shot
Thank you t-shirt wearers: David Ortman, Elizabeth Boyle, and Keith

Test results show the use of Glyphosate and Imazapyr in Willapa Bay

In test results below, yellow highlights (first two results) show samples taken before spraying and orange and green highlights (last two results) are samples after spraying on bay. Test results show a Glyphosate level of 1.0 ppm and Imazapyr level of 9.3 ppb as of 8/11/2009. This is only a section of more extensive testing that we’ve had done. EPA allows 3.0 ppm of Glyphosate in shellfish to be consumed by the public, but only 0.25 ppm in fish, and other agriculture products range from 0.05 to 1.0 ppm. Imazapyr tolerance is 0.10 ppm in shellfish, ten times that of milk (0.01 ppm), although in fish a tolerance of 1.0 ppm is allowed, much higher than most any other consumable product.  Test results