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Carrot Bread and Chickens

The chickens seem to be very content in their new patch of earth filled with spring green grass and other goodies to explore.
After eating too many of the scones, it was back to the kitchen, this time to make carrot bread from our sweet delicious carrots.
Roasted some beets from the garden as the guests love them in the Fritatta.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend, and the guests enjoyed clamming.

I ate the scones

Honestly, they were so good…but I froze a few.
Today was the perfect day on the Bay. Guests in house and happy. Weather was perfect. The guys moved the chickens over a few yards to greener pasture.
Perfect ending to the day, was the ocean fog that rose and drifted over us, and then the Bay fog that met it…all is very Brigadoon.

The Sun is Shining on Willapa Bay

Quick, come and see it! Actually, you have all weekend as the weather is supposed to be “Sunny”!

Bernard is planting some wild flower seeds to celebrate.

Reservations are coming in for the upcoming season, so we are looking forward to meeting new guests and greeting returning ones.

Later in the Day

Almost 7:00. We are often asleep or almost by now, if there are not guests. It is raining, but because the groceries are in, I was able to spend the day in the kitchen baking Blueberry, Lemon and Nutmeg scones.
Also, added to my Sourdough Starter, which will be ready in about four more days for some serious first bread making.
The harder it rains, the greener it gets, and the better the garden grows. Soon the rays of summer sunshine will make this a blooming wonderland. Until then, it is dreams under raindrops.

As soon as I finished cleaning out the coolers and freezer in the kitchen, then mopping the floor, the plumber arrived. Three men gathered in the kitchen to observe his performance which consisted of replacing the kitchen sink faucet and handles.
The floor will need to be re-done, but the coolers and freezer should survive.

Before the plumber arrived the guys were happy digging potatoes in the garden to sell at market tomorrow.

Sold three more dozen eggs yesterday so our egg stash is dwindling. Time to have a chat with the girls. They strut around happily and munch on all organic treats. Snails are a big hit, and we pick them off of the wood trellis and throw them into the pen.

Scrub a dub dub

It’s a good thing that this is a rain forest, as Bernard has been power spraying for days and putting a good dent in the water table. The Yurt is looking quite respectable now.

I finished up some adjustments to our web site and have the bookkeeping up to date. Today I did an inventory of the kitchen and made out a grocery list for the next trip to town.

I’m preparing the Sourdough Starter so there will be lots of home made bread and sweet rolls this summer.

Daffodil in the Rain

In a window scape that is all green and gray,
through the wet drops of rain that slide down the window
Bright yellow daffodil shadows dance in the wind

Early Spring Guests

Our second set of early Spring guests just departed. A family from Seattle. The weather remained perfect for them. After settling in they headed off to one of our local restaurants which they enjoyed, although it was busy on a Saturday night. “Roo” , as in Kanga.

Then back to the quiet of Moby Dick where the sounds you here are the Herons settling in for the night and the waves lapping on the bay.

This morning it was a Spring Garden Frittata filled today with chunks of potatoes, kale, mustard greens and chives from the garden, topped with a salsa of peppers, tomatoes and green chili. The basket of pumpkin walnut bread was soon devoured.

Full and happy they were off to go horseback riding then back up to Seattle. A neat little weekend escape for the family.

Soft Saturday

It’s one of those misty gray days when everything goes water color. Antonio mowed the lawn, so I spent the morning sweeping up all of the grass I tracked in after my morning walk.

I retrospect a second pair of shoes by the door would have been a good idea.

Bernard is cleaning out one of the many storage areas as he likes to have his “space”.

I found some fresh wild caught snapper at the grocery store and a calamari steak, so think seafood and a gray day go well together

Spring Chores

The garden is progressing. Bernard planted a bed of Potatoes and another of Fava Beans. Today he is power hosing down the decks to remove the last traces of a wet winter.
I washed the windows…at least the ones I could reach. Tomorrow I’ll find a step stool and do the ones on top. But, at least you can see where I’ve been!

A Pumpkin Walnut bread is baking in the oven and the smell drifts out to the living room.

The temperature is still cool, but the sun is shining and it is a great day to wander through the large trees and ferns of the grounds.

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