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poison oysters again

In willapa bay WA. the big oyster farmers have allowed poison to be sprayed on over 400 acres that the tide washes all over and warned no one until the day before. There were private sport fishers and crabbers hauling in there take and eating them at home with possible contamination from poison chemicals. This is always going on in grays harbor and willapa bay to include hood canal and Puget sound. All the testing they do on ocean for acidity does no good when you mix all the poisons from these areas into the ocean on tide out. In a law suite against the state for poison drift the state claimed you could not blame them because willapa bay was a chemical soup. These documents will become public shortly.East cost and mid west diners should know what they are eating from WA.State. Believe it or not the local restaurants in Pacific county continue to sell products from these areas knowing all about the poisonous situation. I guess they figure the tourist will leave and blame it on something else they ate.I always wonder what is more important to these restaurateurs. the almighty $$$$ or peoples health.Read the menus and search for Willapa bay oysters and clams.Then ask yourself what other food do they prepare and with what????